Szilárd Szilárd
Male, living in Debrecen (Hungary)

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My art is to show the importance of symbiosis in the simplest form of expression by using a combination of industrial materials and natural materials, highlighting the importance of connection and taking it to the universes created by Lucio Fontana and Enrico Castellani. or Alberto Burri. And the components that make up the components are the natural fractals and the artificial pillows that I put in place so that the stretched canvas retains its natural integrity while the surfaces under maximum tension and created by them are exposed to light in their immediate environment.

The U series is about the relationship between the natural world and the human world. During the production I relied on intuitive controls that enabled the properties of the materials used. These interfaces provide an opportunity for the two worlds to work together to create new homogeneous platforms that move along the same dimension. U denotes the term "unlabeled" and the titles are only guidelines to make the relationship simpler and clearer, but true connectivity is under consideration and differs for everyone depending on how we approach these open points.
Technical mixed media on extruded canvas.
My works, the connecting points where the effects of man and nature appear in a lighter form, are placed in the personal space and bring new light to the flow of everyday intuitions. I hope that in this contemplation I will move forward with symbiosis with our environment.
The materials used are in my environment. Tree bark, tree grain skive and cleaning.
Thus, the materials found and found in my environment are directly involved in the creation of my work, and the interface influences the immediate environment of creation.