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Male, living in Hemet (United States of America)

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3 Lights Style Artwork Videos

There is one common thread in all art from the Greeks to giant balloon dogs. Light. Natural light is a great way to see art, but why are we limiting ourselves? Up until now, if you wanted to see art in a different way, you needed a specialized exhibition. 3 lights style artwork is different. It’s gorgeous in natural light, it fluoresces and looks unique under blacklight, and, it glows in the dark for a third experience.
Layers of color and texture interweave with light and shadow to create art that requires close inspection and investigation. The artwork is an interactive experience. You can involve your senses with your own handheld blacklight, sifting through the image with your mind attuned to the details. Just when you think you’re done, turn off your lights and see an entirely new piece. This is a new way to see art.
In person is the best way to see this art, but due to quarantine restrictions, I'm limited to video and still images. Please don't fear, 3 lights style artwork is designed for a post-Covid world, and you'll get to experience it in person soon!

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