Reuse and Rebuild

Sreenivas had a hobby of collecting used pen refills from friends. After few years he decided to make something out of collected pen refills. As part of 'Say No to Plastic' program, which he organizes for awareness on global warming in schools and colleges, he setup used pen refill collection boxes. The program turned out to be the source for raw materials to make Miniature structures.

He started creating miniature structures out of pen refills. In 2007, the miniature structure creation of 'Eiffel Tower' from used pen refills was initiated. It took 8 months to make Eiffel Tower from 200 pen refills backed by his preparation, passion and persistence. The splurge of the structures continued. Charminar, Big-Ben Clock, Taj Mahal, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Gateway of India, Seattle Space Needle, Sydney Harbor Bridge all fell out from used pen refills

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Artwork Details

Installation - Various materials

Created on 1 November 2016
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