YICCA International Contest of Contemporary Art

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Cf: IT94111450303
Phone number: +39 0432 1841347 (10:00 - 16:00 CET - Mon. Fri.)
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For information about payment, verification about the copy of payment receipt, registrations and delay in the publication of the work

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  • Massimo Toffolo art director and executive director
  • Margherita Jedrzejewska art director assistant

  • Patrick Simonitto public relations and artist coordinator
  • Mira Veleva secretary and press dept.
  • Alberto Del Monego logistics and transport dept.
  • Sonia Caballero Moreno Milena Dittaro Fabio e Ginevra De Marchi traslation dept.
  • Red Bul Consulting OOD
    technical support

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