YICCA - International Contest of Contemporary Art

YICCA is a competition aimed at all artists or groups of artists, both professionals and non-professionals from any country in the world. All types of contemporary artworks are allowed.

Internationality and networking make YICCA an immense opportunity for registered artists, who will be able to:

  • Win a cash prize:
  • - prize for the first selected € 3000.00
  • - prize for the second selected € 1000.00
  • Promote their art through numerous channels:
  • - present the selected artworks in the exhibition space established by the competition
  • - enrich the relational baggage between finalist artists and critics, curators, galleries, public and private art institutions who will have access to the important exhibition
  • - access the maximum possible visibility through the advertising campaign that will follow the competition in all its phases

  • The selected artists will be published in the "YICCA" catalog which will be distributed free of charge to the finalist artists themselves and will be available to professionals as well as to the institutions invited to the inauguration of the exhibition event. The selection of the jury will lead to the identification of 18 artists who will participate in the exhibition. The announcement of the winners of the cash prizes will be published on the official website www.yicca.org on the last day of the exhibition.

YICCA is the springboard for your future and your present, do not miss this great opportunity.

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