Born in: Harare (Zimbabwe) on 16 July 1988.

Currently living: Harare (Zimbabwe).

Activity: Performance;

Mclntosh Jerahuni, tall and bold with dark-haired behead, this Zimbabwean-born choreographer is one of the Zimbabwe dance scene’s hottest properties, the creator of works that are full of raw, visceral energy, set to blasting unusual scores from different composers. But in person, he seems calm and quiet, almost withdrawn.  
Born on July 16 1988, McIntosh is a musician, dancer and a choreographer trained at Savannah Arts, Zvishamiso Arts and at the Dance Foundation Course, ‘a three year dance training’ of the  Dance Trust of Zimbabwe. He began as a traditional dancer at Savannah Arts. ln 2000, he was employed by choreographer Brian Geza in his community project Zvishamiso Arts. McIntosh joined the Dance Foundation Course in 2009 and was trained in the multiple dance and performance disciplines.  
During his first year in the course, he developed an eye for choreography and created his first piece, a solo called”Runyararo” which was premiered at the Harare lnternational Festival of the  Arts (HIFA) in 2009. He is currently the associate artistic director of Tumbuka Dance Company and has established Jerahuni Movement Factory which is a community arts project. McIntosh is also a musician, mbira instrument player and a leader of his band,  Jerahuni band.  
An apostolically Zimbabwean who makes pieces packed with spiritual forces and expressions of inner senses, a hard-driving enactment of group rituals and cleansing, subservience and domination,  abandon and  fear. A loner who loves group energy, working primarily in Tumbuka, Jerahuni improved his technique and began dancing professionally. Ever more bold, and illustrating his visions through jarring, violent, spastic and trembling movements, McIntosh believes that the physical expressions give outlet to spiritual and emotional undercurrents that are entirely ignored in other dance forms. He quickly found his artistic voice and began conducting elaborate experiments in dance.  
Jerahuni advances in dance are considered by many to be an important achievement in Zimbabwe’s cultural history. He continues to dance, sing and choreograph building a legacy of inspiration not only for dancers but for artists of all kinds.  

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