Salvatore Mauro


Born in: siracusa (Italy) on 20 July 1977.

Currently living: siracusa (Italy).



Salvatore Mauro is an award-winning artist born in Syracuse and resident in Italy. His works have been widely exhibited nationally, as well as in the UK. Salvatore Mauro’s art opens in two directions, the first is a more performative expression, where the central element is the interaction with the viewer of which he himself becomes protagonist. The other concerns sculptural elements, which he calls "lightboxes and constellations", which are created to last over time.

For the best significant acquisition of the work proposed by Salvatore Mauro, I would unhesitatingly cite some expressive forms that originated in the 1960s, in particular that type of object-oriented works with a high technological content as in the conceptual by Joseph Kosuth, Dan Flavin, Maurizio Nannucci, but with a procedural slant close to Merz and a neo-futurist idea a la Marco Lodoli, a reference that identifies a Mediterranean linguistic root.

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