Dancing Autumn

Several moments inspired me to write this painting. First of all, I always had a memory of the painting by Józef Helmonski. Indian summer. 1875. When the end of September and the beginning of October comes, I always remember this painting.
The colors of autumn inspire me. and even withered grass under the sun looks dazzling.
And every year it surprises me - how this wonderful period of the year flies by.
All my impressions poured into the painting.
It would not be enough to draw just a beautiful autumn tree, field and sky. This does not reflect the transience of Indian summer.
Does not reflect the heaviness of nature, which is rapidly exposed.
Therefore, I created a woman-tree dancing in autumn. Her breasts and thighs are heavy, she moves swiftly and a cloak of leaves flutters over her, exposing her.
The painting is made with acrylic (metallic) and texture.

Artwork Details

Painting - Mixed technique
Artwork Size - Width 50 | Height 70 | Depth 2
Created on 15 October 2021

Artwork price

1200 €

Current ownership of the artwork


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