The People

The base of this work is a wooden disc with a diameter of 40 cm. This disc has been painted in a blue colour. It is a three-dimensional work +/- 4 cm high.

In this work people are depicted as puppets. The upper part of the disc shows a happy family with a black man, a white woman with a black and a white child.

I chose the clolours of this family consciously to show that it is possible to form a loving family without any discrimination of colour or race.

The lower part of the disc depicts two males expressing anger and violence and fingting with each other. Unfortunately this violence often exist in our society.

The middle of the disc shows part of a chromosone with human DNA, the base of our existence.



Artwork Details

OtherArtwork Size - Width 40 | Height 40 | Depth 4
Created on 5 November 2022

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