Objects for an Ideal Home #3

Hand-assembled and point-to-point wired Japanese tube amplifier - model: Leben CS-600 designed by Mr. Taku Hyodo, founder of and chief designer for Japanese Leben Hi-Fi Stereo Company.

Four transformers - adding considerably to the weight of more than 22 kilos.

Four EL34 output tubes from the German producer RFT branded 'Philips'.

Four 6CS7 tubes. Present configuration is American General Electric & Canadian Marconi tubes.

Leben is a German loan-word that translates into 'to live', 'to be alive' or simply 'to exist', which initially struck me as rather Haruki Murakami-esque.

The photo is part of the 'Objects for an Ideal Home' series. It's published (the photo only) as an NFT on Foundation.

Artwork Details

Photography - Digital

Created on 5 December 2023

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