The Vault of the Museum of Crypto Art

About the Collaborative Artwork / Fundraiser for the museum:

In the words of the jury, The Museum of Crypto Art, is a testament to those who dare to believe in a better future that prioritizes sovereignty, market access, and freedom of expression in the arts. The 700-piece Museum of Crypto Art Fundraiser 2023 interwoven mosaic does just that.

The Museum of Crypto Art Fundraiser 2023 DNFT is the largest artistic collaboration in the history of crypto art, bringing together the  creativity of 700 individual artists and groups for an unparalleled celebration of this moment in crypto art.

My contribution –  Vault of the Museum of Crypto Art – consists of a photo taken in the in the Copenhagen Metro in June 2023 with a Nikon D3 and a vintage 55mm 2.8 lens from around 1989, and, in that manner, the photo bridges the technological past with the future.

It’s a classic black & white photo to contrast with what I anticipated to be a heavily colour-saturated digital works based on AI & CGI.

Artwork Details

Photography - Digital

Created on 10 June 2023

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