Tadaa !

 The meaning of everyday life is naturally blurred in modern society where the value of everyday life meets that of things, itself defined by the high price rather than the confidentiality of things. However, it is important to note that, despite this, our daily life does not disappear. Even though it is undervalued due to its repetitive nature, even though it is seen as something to slip away, our daily life still flows in silence, and it has been passed down from the past and will continue.


 A particular thought about a certain object gives the object a look that sets it apart from other objects. My favorite chocolate cake shines in the fridge. With a cupcake, today my fridge turned into a huge gift package. Pursue my joy, however simple it may be, and feel it fully without neglecting it. It is an experience of discovering the values ​​that are important in life that I might one day rely on, and it presents more than a small piece of living abundance to the whole of life.

Artwork Details

Photography - Mixed technique
Artwork Size - Width 21.9 | Height 29.9 |
Created in 2021

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