Tree of Love

The sacred symbol of the Tree of Life, represented in the work, appears in the most varied mythologies and refers us to ideas of harmony, protection, balance, wisdom and enlightenment. In this work, the artist recreates the large trees that are present in his astral projections: their leaves that grow towards the sky, their trunk that symbolizes the earth and their roots that are shaped in a way that indicates the healing potential of the crystal. used to make the foliage, mixing non-verbal and verbal language, thus giving multiple dimensions to the work. The tree is in a box with a mirrored surface, which reflects the viewer, and the LED light, which illuminates the sculpture, may or may not be activated via a touchscreen button. This ingenious ecosystem allows the spectator not only to participate in the work, but also to give permission for it to exist. For the artist, the greatest law, which is the Law of Free Will - for this reason, the spectator's first contact with the artwork is only his reflection, thus generating an enchantment for the mystery and curiosity for what is inside, choosing, then, by the interaction with the work. By authorizing its existence, the viewer can dive into the ethereal meditation of light and healing provided by the artwork.

Artwork Details

Sculpture - Other
Artwork Size - Width 41 | Height 41 | Depth 15
Created in 2022

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