Born in: Switzerland on 11 February 1977.

    Currently living: Basel (Switzerland).


    My Name is Erol Hertner and I am from Switzerland. I was born in the city of Basel in 1977. I grew up in a town called Muttenz near Basel and have already discovered my passion for painting in kindergarden.

    ​Painting has become my companion ever since. I mainly used acrylic and oil color in the past. 
    With the dawn of a new decade, I widened my horizon by adding drawing ink, crayon, acrylic spray and water color to my painting repertoire, combining them as it pleases my creativity. 

    And one last thing. My alias. I was born on February 11, which makes me an Aquarius. And there was a day in my past where I did a personality test  - and the outcome was clear - I have a very distinct "yellow" personality.

    Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, the yellow Aquarius has emerged from the bottom of the seven seas...






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