Wire walker

In the current situation of global self-isolation, many of us found ourselves alone with ourselves - our environment, thoughts, worries, and values. They looked at their reality as it is, not in their head - in the form of images blurred by the speed of movement, but clearly and soberly. They saw their fear. Fear of ceasing to be. And behind it, the value of life, the value of being.
What is it? For me - in that unique dance that everyone performs, moving along the line of life, like a Wire Walker on a thin rope. For him there is only the moment of "now", the interaction with shaky support and the maintaining of a balance in this never ending movement. The world is changing, Yes. But this is its integral feature.
What if we accept the invitation to dance? Let us enter into a relationship with life and walk this path with awareness of each breath, in clarity and completeness. What will we choose for ourselves then? what will create? how will I reveal myself? remembering that we are not here for long, what will we fill this time with?
Will there be room for fear?

Artwork Details

Painting - Acrylic
Artwork Size - Width 40 | Height 40 | Depth 2
Created on 1 April 2020

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