James Green

James Green

Academy / School, operating in London (United Kingdom)

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Artwork Details

Installation - Various materials
Artwork Size - Width 180 | Height 80 | Depth 35
Created on 5 December 2011


The contrast between the porcelain looking paper, with its curved quality and the black, solid aluminium sheet is what interests me about this work. The metal stands upright, able to take its own weight, while the paper is unable to. The paper takes on a character because of its corners, starting to retract and curl. One could imagine it slowly moving, folding in on itself. The clean aluminium sheet is an identical size to the black version. It too is retracting but in a much more formal way. Colouristically, it contrasts with the other elements, taking on reflections and colours from the surrounding environment. The wooden circle on which the black metal stands, is both a prop and an element which echoes and reflects the curved nature of the paper. Tonally it sits between the black, and the cream of the paper.

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