Majid Ezati Mosleh
Male, living in Tehran (Iran)

» Ugly Smile

Artwork Details

Painting - Oil
Artwork Size - Width 50 | Height 70 | Depth 2

Ugly Smile

Title of Artwork: Ugly Smile

Style: Metaphorical Conceptual and Abstract Art

Painting by Spidery technique.

Size: 50*70 cm - Painting Canvas.

Medium: oil, herbal, chemical, epoxy, magnetic, static paints

Year: 2019

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Dr. Majid E Mosleh (an electrical engineer) has introduced the metaphorical conceptual painting by "spidery" technique using oil, herbal, chemical, epoxy, magnetic, static paints, and act, with special magnetic and static brushes and the magnetic and electrostatic properties.

Cells and spider webs is obvious in all his Spidery paintings. Every cell is a metaphor for a creature and her/his personality and spider web is a metaphor for an amazing strong construction in communication between cells.

  The entire universe, from the smallest particles to the largest creatures are constantly changing and evolving.  Confusion and specific order indicate gradual evolvement and development simultaneously.



Description of the artwork:

In this artwork, artist metaphorically portraying a very ugly and unbearable smile, in other word grin and sneer of day’s wicked humans. Face is completely unusual, ugly and asymmetrical, color blue eyes on face are completely ugly, heterogeneous and uneven, mouth is completely wide open and with two cheek bites teeth, nose between center and middle of eyes asymmetrically and very prominent and large. The face dominant yellow color is metaphorical of blushing and yellowing of faces of the wicked humans that drawn on the painting canvas.
As can be seen, the face is very ugly, laughing and mocking at the metaphor of the wicked humans of the time who cannot tolerate criticism of others under any circumstances tolerance for criticism under any circumstances and are constantly mocking others. 



Important Attention:

For the esteemed referee to clearly see the main face on the painting canvas, it is drawn around face of the line. (Color Blue Eyes, Mouth, Nose).


General Description of Metaphorical Conceptual and Abstract Painting by Spidery Technique:

For the first time, Dr. Majid Ezati has introduced the metaphorical conceptual and abstract art style by spidery technique.

The reason for this naming is that in this style and technique of painting, the viewer can clearly see the motifs and spider webs in all the paintings and artworks created.

In this artistic technique, every cell is a metaphor for human being and the innate personality within him, and also every spider web is a metaphor for communication between humans.

In this painting style and technique. If all population of the word able to see an artwork created on a canvas, then in the end, they will have infinitely different perspective from their philosophical point of view which showing the unique unparalleled effect of coloring, painting and magical motifs drawing on canvas and it shows that every artwork has its distinct metaphor, themes and concepts in the present era and it attracts the attention of every thoughtful viewer to itself.

The artist in this style of painting with his unique and special drawing role and paintings that while disordered, one of the most orderly and regular types of paintings on the canvas in field of art, induces the viewer of the artwork that the entire universe, from the smallest particles to the largest creatures of the universal are constantly changing and evolving. In other world the entire universe of existence is undergoing a transformation from one particle to another in the process of destruction, eventually will be achieved and leading to a gradual evolution. So this style and technique of painting tries to express that the universe and the present era are in a state of particular disorder, turbulence, and confusion, but ultimately seek their own order, which is the same gradual evolvement and development.




Distinctive Features of Metaphorical Conceptual and Abstract Art Style Painting by Spidery Technique:

1)         Painting by spidery technique is completely conceptual and creative, and contains themes of conceptual, abstract and metaphorical art.

2)         In this style and technique of painting, the artist by using of oil, herbal, chemical, epoxy, magnetic, static paints, and act, and also by using of special magnetic and static brushes and the magnetic and electrostatic properties of paints to create artworks and paintings manually on the canvas with a very specific sense of experience, by a very distinctive and special way, and quite purposefully and with predefined goals and thoughts.

3)         In this artistic style and technique, every cell is a metaphor for human being and complex personality within him, and also every spider web has a metaphor for communication between humans.

4)         Given this outstanding theme that spider cords are one of the most durable natural elements known in the universe, so in this style a technique of painting spider webs are metaphors of human inherent endurance, endurance, and endurance against internal and external storms, turbulence and disasters.

5)         Just as spider webs by spider are intertwined outward from one point fully radically and engineered, in this style of painting the artist with his innate skill and experience, the artwork cell-like spider webs of human-like metaphor starts and drawing from one point on the canvas and intertwined and weaves them to gather in an infinite space outside the panting tableau to express and depict his mental thoughts and creativity at an endless particular time and place.

6)         In this painting technique, audiences of artwork discover and experience unique motifs and concepts in their minds based on their own worldviews and phenomenological world

7)         The motifs drawn on the artwork take on a state of the art musical note, and conceptual, abstract and metaphorical aspects and it is kind of magic. This painting technique, although seemingly disordered, can be considered one of the most orderly types of artistic painting in the art field and art sciences.

8)         Any artwork depicted on the canvas by this art technique, the artistic creation has taken place for the first time and is reflecting the allegory of the artist's mental and metaphorical space.

9)         Due to the wide range of colors used in the motifs painted on each canvas, no contrast and border can be observed between the colors.

10)       Each of the works on the canvas evokes a particular purpose and expresses the artist's mentality in the moment of drawing that to understanding the purpose and mentality of the artist requires a creative and playful mind.

11)       This artistic technique is a metaphor for the evolutionary changes of the creatures and life and its continuity throughout the universe that a curious, wise, intelligent and conscious mind with deep insight can understand this.

12)       Each cell created in this painting technique in terms of composition, color, dimensions, geometry and angles has a metaphor of different personalities in this universe. In other words, every cell has a metaphor of a human and personality within him. Just as humans have different personalities, different interior colors and different appearance and instinct each cell has a different dimension, color, and appearance than other adjacent cells.

13)       Non-specialist viewers of this art style, guided by artistic interpreters of this technique, are able to visit and physically visualize and understand the shapes, images and themes of artwork created on painting canvas.

14)       This art style is devoid of the usual geometric aesthetic criteria, and a mind-oriented artist with his artistic creativity is able to understand the inherent aesthetic realm of this style.

15)       In this artistic technique, just as humans are fighting and struggling for their survival, metaphorically spidery cells are also intertwined to form an artwork and are fighting and struggling for their survival.

16)       As human beings interrelate, interact and coexist and form an integrated human society, cells that are metaphors for humans, with their own special layout and together on the canvas, form colorful community of the artwork.

17)       Just as humans beings, with their particular tastes and thoughts, have new and sometimes outdated sayings to express their beliefs, spider cells of human metaphorical beings express the innermost thoughts and tastes of humans and the artist at the moment of drawing and convey to the viewer countless opinions and sayings.

18)       As humans evolve in infinitely and their inner personality form steadily, it is seen in this art style and technique that cells have no boundaries and are not interrupted, and the lines forming the spider cells in all works are continuously and seamlessly from the margins of the painting canvas pulled out and mutated until in  infinite space of outside of painting canvas  and in infinite time in mental space of the artist and spectator of the artwork to evolution and Correlation achieve

19)       This style and technique of painting has this characteristic and distinctive feature that, in addition to apparent aesthetic philosophy, has an artistic, conceptual, abstract and metaphorical philosophy that will stimulate the subjective analytical equations of viewers.

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