Natalia Jamróz
Female, living in Krakow (Poland)

» Papierówki

Artwork Details

Sculpture - Other
Artwork Size - Width 150 | Height 150 | Depth 30
Created on 1 June 2016


Pulpwood resulting from waste paper warehouse in Krakow. My interest aroused slices folded paper tape, which lay in a pile of waste paper. Found material began to transform, giving it a new form, meaning, value. However, the paper has not been deprived of its original plasticity, it is a continuous process of natural deformation.

Work sculptural Fri. Pulpwood is composed of two molds with several kilometers strip of paper wound into a circle having a diameter of 150 cm each. Collapsed, compacted forms surrendered depopulation, so I emphasized and strengthened their structure. Sculptures are naturally shaped, sanded details accentuate the lightness, delicacy and nobility of paper. Forms have been fixed by me, I stopped a moment, very elusive in this material. Form of acts, as serpentine, every second can come out of the plane, it is easy to destroy it. Brought together form a cycle. One affects the other by a dent or bulge and thus developed a dialogue with the shadow of light, the negative with positive. All complemented each other.

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