Can you See me?

by Nathalie Alfonso - United States of America


Can you See Me? (2016), an installation where Alfonso draws the twelve-inch line one foot off the ground across the entire gallery space using white chalk against the white wall to manifest my invisibility as an artist. Curator Michael Namkung wrote, “The line sits at eye-level, but not our own; its height corresponds to Alfonso’s body on her hands and knees—literally below our level of perception, furthering its disappearance. But like the labor of cleaning itself, her drawn line is not really invisible, but as viewers, we must shift our focus to the threshold of perception if we are to see it.”

Information concernant l’œuvre artistique

Installation - d'autres
Taille de l'oeuvre - P 60 feet | L 60 feet | H 60 feet
Crée le 10 septembre 2016

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