Victor Cuzmenco
Homme, séjour à Chisinau (Moldova)

» Ontologic Painting 2.0

Information concernant l’œuvre artistique

Peinture - Technique Mixte
Taille de l'oeuvre - P 140 | L 120 | H 7
Crée en 2020

Horizontals III

Two horizontal linear forms cross the canvas from one edge to another going into infinity behind the edges of the canvas. Trying to achieve the metaphorical expression of these forms the artist creates the individual characteristic making them the symbols of the male and the female principal at the scale of the Universe. By their approaching (intercourse) the new form of a cosmic spherical egg is being born. With all these images and symbols the artist emphasizes the significance of horizontal line as one of the most important constants (construction elements) for functioning of the huge, endless world surrounding all of us.

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