My oil painting entitled. "Exodus" was created as a result of inspiration from events related to contemporary immigration. The work is signed p.d. D.Mierzwa '21 and framed. An author's certificate will accompany the painting. What is needed is readiness to welcome people fleeing war, persecution and hunger, empathy and help for those who have been deprived of basic rights, including the right to profess their faith freely and safely. We must do all we can to alleviate this suffering by working tirelessly, intelligently and continuously for justice and peace, bearing concrete witness to humanist values and human rights.

Information concernant l’œuvre artistique

Peinture - Huile
Taille de l'oeuvre - P 50 | L 40 | H 2
Crée en 2021

Prix de l'oeuvre

800 Euro €

Propriété actuelle de l'œuvre

the artist's studio

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