Taras Bibilashvili

    Homme, Vivant actuellement à Tbilisi (Georgia)

    Né en Zestafoni (Georgia) , le 2 avril 1960.

    Vivant actuellement à Tbilisi (Georgia).

    Activité: Peinture; Sculpture;


    Taras (Devid) Bibilasvili was born en April 2,1960 in Zestafoni, Georgia.

    In 1977 Taras Bibilashvili graduated the Arts school in Tbilisi and the year after bigins his career as an artist in the workshop of famous artist Professor Zurab Nizharadze. In 1983 year Taras studied at the Yakob Nikoladze Arts College.In 1988 year his studied at the Tbilisi Academy Of Fin Art and graduated 1993 year. Has been participating in many local and international exhibitions since 1985.

    In 1994 year Taras Traveling to Athens,Greece for crative work. There he meet famous artist and sculptor Khristos Ksarakacianos.Sculptor, the director of modern museum Haris Gyras.

    In 2014 Taras began working at the Artist pablo Picasso Collection, in Artist Star Arts Production, in Artist Staar Arts Production Gallery and Art-On-Google.

    Taras (David) Bibilashvili (nickname "T. Biblieli") has held many personal and group exibitions. He is rewarded with encouraning rewards for his creative work.His many creative worcs (paitings, sculptors, graphics.) are included worldwide in both state and private collections.






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