Mi camino

My artistic work is composed of a series of representations, based on the translation of different moments, influences and observations, with themes that involve, environments, landscapes and objects located both in my internal and external imaginary that I develop through painting. From the above, a synergy is created between both worlds that allow me to create two-dimensional images and textile volumes that besides tensing the real and the fictitious, move between figurative and abstraction through the use of a wide chromatic range.

Nadra Jacob

Nadra Jacob

Collection de l'oeuvre:

» Landscape

Information concernant l’œuvre artistique

Peinture - Huile
Taille de l'oeuvre - P 20 | L 20 | H 6
Crée le 5 mai 2020

Prix de l'oeuvre

800 €

Propriété actuelle de l'œuvre

Nadra Jacob

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