Katrin Hinterholzer - Austria

The artwork is painted with acrylic paint on a wooden surface. What makes my art unique is that I realise my artwork completely free without a projector and still try to do the mountains as realistic as possible.

My goal is to capture special moments in the mountains through my painting. Weather it’s the last rays of the sun on the peaks, the changing colors of the sky at sunset, or cloud covers enveloping the rocks. I spend my free time chasing these moments and love bringing them on my canvas. In line with this, the title of my latest exhibition was „Farbtanz der Gipfel- Malerische Berglandschaften im Lichtspiel“ which means translated: „Dance of colours on the summits – Picturesque mountain landscapes in the play of light“


Detalji umjetničkog djela

Slikarstvo - Akril
Veličina umjetničkog djela - Širina 80 | Visina 100 | Dubina 0,004
Izrađeno je 6 Srpanj 2023

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