The houses at Night

As I was apart from my family in my childhood due to my father’s job, I had an attachment to family and a longing for a whole family. If looking into a home nestled in the dark, a family dwelling there is likely to be seen. People are absent though, a conversation among family members seems to be heard when seeing the light leaking from the window. I adopted a lot of repletive hues for a home to be seen as a most private, invaluable space even though it is at times a place which may impact hardest on us. I wanted to capture resplendent, anonymous houses at night as a home of beautifully shining being. I intended to rethink the meaning of a house that has degenerated into the object of possession and to capture the warm light to console presently living homeless souls.

Detalji umjetničkog djela

Fotografija - Digitalno
Veličina umjetničkog djela - Širina 107 | Dubina 76
Izrađeno u 2020

Cijena umjetničkog djela

2,035.000 usd €

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son eunyoung

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