"Rain of love"

"Rain of love" has not regretted all this. The regret of all the restlessness, longings and dreams gone to the wind... Longing for a world that has turned gray and no longer has that happy face in it. A world where children don't laugh and are sad... "Rain of love" is a heart that no longer fits in anyone's chest and beats above. It blows, rains, roars... To save the children, to escape from this damn gray... that the world lacks many things without children and those innocent looks, its pulse does not beat, it does not laugh

Detalji umjetničkog djela

Slikarstvo - Olovka
Veličina umjetničkog djela - Širina 80 | Visina 40 | Dubina 2
Izrađeno je 2 Veljača 2024

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3000 €

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Mohammad yaghootimoghadam

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