Mariana Villas-Bôas - Brazil

      The project rises from the need to manifest the massacre of native culture. Through art, the artist and activist Zahy Guajajara, Brazilian, indigenous, born and raised in a village in Maranhão, expresses her resistance. 
      The narrative emerges from the earth, representing the birth of a genuine being in symbiosis with nature, which will go through a process of seeking identity. Indigenous painting symbolizes the first identity, related to ancestry and cultural and family origin. This process is interrupted by the repudiation of origin, the black face symbolizes the end and the beginning of a new identity; which will be represented by Western painting. This painting symbolizes the castration suffered by the Indigenous in an attempt to insert himself in society. In a cyclical and delicate movement, the return to land occurs, the rescue and connection with nature, this is the force of resistance – The  fight for indigene inclusion in society without giving up ancestry. R-exist is the hope of rebirth for the next indigene generations.


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Creato il 19 dicembre 2018

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