Patrick Domogalla

Patrick Domogalla

Uomo, vivo a Mantel (Germany)

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Life & Death II

Life & Death II

I painted this large monumental canvas while thinking about the inevitable. Trying to find a good balance between darkness and light as the unavoidable force of gravity acts like time on a human being trying to escape the inescapable. 

I would describe the process of painting it as a fight in wich you soon realise, that often times less is more and it´s better to let things happen after you made your mark in time.

Inspired by and you can draw parrallels to "Lepanto" by Cy Twombly who among other artists like Basquiat or Richter is among my favourites.


The artwork "Life &Death II" was painted on the 12th March 2018.

Painted using high grade acrylic paint on a 240 cm x 160 cm canvas.

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Artwork Details

Pittura - Acrilico
Dimensioni dell'opera - L 240 | A 160 | P 5
Creato il 12 marzo 2017