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In Soul Misery

Women have long been associated with nature - metaphorically, as in 'mother Earth', for instance.
Our language says it all: a 'virgin' forest is one awaiting exploitation, as yet untouched by man.
In society too, women have been associated with physical side of life.
Their role has always been 'closer to nature', their natural work centred around human physical
requirements: feeding, cleaning, cohabitation, the care of children and sick people. They have
taken care of day-to-day life that creates and enact methods of exploiting nature, including other
living beings.
Life can be brutal, and finding a time to step away requires strength. It’s hard to unplug and face
ourselves in the quiet, but worth facing our ghosts. Again, call on the hidden gem of strength. As
like mother nature, women reflacts the love fiercely and feels deeply. Her tears flow just as
abundantly as her laugh. A woman is both soft and powerful, which is often similarized to a lotus.
She is both practical and spiritual.
As we know, elephant is the symbol of strength, we can find this harmony to a woman, practice
to hold that strength to fight back.
In my art work, I tried to portray the characteristics of nature in women, say for- lotus (symbol
of beauty and greasiness), birds (Symbol of free spirit), elephant (Symbol of strength), musical
rhythm (symbol of symmetry) etc. Standing up for what’s right requires confidence when facing
fear. Women need it when facing discrimination, and climbing the ladder of success. Going
beyond the comfort zone will toughen and help build up strength and achieve her potential in life.
Look for ways to find the confidence needed to accomplish this.
Tough luck, lady. If you are going to survive this world you need more than money and looks,
and an ego—you need inner strength and that inspiration comes from nature. She needs to work
more on what is in her souls, not flawless skin or vocation. Face it, when we lose our looks,
bodies, and sometimes our hope, we need to tap into something else. This is the reason women
need to draw from their courage and wisdom. Reflect on those times you overcame obstacles or
hurt to find that inner boldness.