Sergio Cesario


Nato a: Sao Paulo (Brazil) il 22 luglio 1963.

Attuale residenza: Miami Beach (United States of America).


Sergio Cesario is an International Real Estate broker and a Brazilian-born visual digital artist whose contemporary abstract pieces combine photographs of widely unrelated objects, places and pictures to form spontaneous, vibrant and often colorful images. As a technology enthusiast, Cesario first became interested in digital art through his own audio-visual experiences as a teenager, randomly shooting ordinary scenes on a Super-8 cam.  

Cesario is no stranger to both still and motion images as he spent several years as a reporter, producing and anchoring the news for different platforms in Brazil and the USA. Many of his graphics ideas were also featured on different shows, including his own segment called Tech-Line for Bloomberg TV Brazil, where his creative artistic self was unleashed in the late 90s, early 2000s. 

Using today’s digital technology and imaging apps and software as his tools, Cesario’s highly experimental style attempts to find a balance between the familiar and the abstract resembling a world of fantasy, realism and contemporary-expressionism. He takes inspiration from an ordinary visual world using a process of deconstruction and manipulation of images without particular significance and translating everyday experiences into artwork. While his vibrant software-generated imagery has many facets, he mostly uses a combination of photographs he has taken himself and remix them with color, scribbles and doodles to create modern abstract figures, almost childlike images that interact with the uncertainties of the real and the virtual worlds we live in.

Sergio Cesario holds a Master of Arts degree from the New York University in Broadcasting Journalism. His inaugural exhibition took place in September 2021, hosted by the Miami Curatorial and selected by Dr. Milagros Bello, an acclaimed art critic, director and chief curator of the Curator’s Voice Art Projects.

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