Shira ben meir


Nata a: Israel il 21 ottobre 1996.

Attuale residenza: Israel.


I am Shira Ora ben Meir and I was born in the State of Israel. My love for goldsmithing began at the age of 19 when I studied in a private studio. after three years I moved to Jerusalem to study for a degree in goldsmithing and fashion at Bezalel Academy. For seven years my work in the world of goldsmithing focused on creating artistic projects that are based on my personal research of human culture throughout history, Western culture versus Eastern culture and the relationship between spirit and matter. I took a break from my degree at Bezalel in the last year of my degree due to health reasons. And after a year of treatment I returned to my small private studio at home. I started to establish the “SHIRAORA” brand which is a translation and an animation of the research and projects I have done and continue on doing in the years to come. At “SHIRAORA” I create “ready to wear” jewelry collections for men and women, strictly speaking a modern, elegant, refreshing and unique language.

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