Are you see the drone ? Amgad Edward

Do you see the drone? – Do you see the drone? – oil on canvas – 2022 – Amgad Edward – 360° Collection

I created something completely new. It has never been shown in the art scene before
As everything around us becomes mobile and fast and the lifestyle is full of renewal.
Our new life inspired me the importance of painting moving and rotating around its center in a complete circle.
And I saw that this circular movement breaks the boredom, attracts attention and gives life to the work.

Dati dell'opera

Pittura - Olio
Dimensioni dell'opera - L 80 | A 80 | P 3
Creato il 9 gennaio 2021

Prezzo dell'opera

2000 €

Attuale proprietà dell'opera

Amgad Edward

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