The Never Again

Title: Never again


The base of this work is a wooden disc with a diameter of 40 cm. This disc has been painted in a black colour. It is a three-dimensional work 3-5 cm high.

In this work people are depicted as puppets. By this artwork I want to pay attention for the serious consequensis that could exist between nations with nuclear arms.

My thoughts go back to 1945 when Hiroshima was attacked by the first nuclear bomb.

In my artwork are 3 puppets, man, woman and child, at the moment the bomb exploded.


I want to pay attention to the use of various materials in this artwork.

The wooden disc is a pizza plate. The puppets have been made of various plastics, PVC, nylon, lawn mower wires, fishing wires etc. The same material has been used for the image of the exploding nuclear bomb.

For instance the red coats of the puppets are made of red plastic sheet. The faces are made of the white lids of wall paint containers.

In our daily lives many plastics are disposed of as waste. For years I have been considering the bright colours of plastic waste to be used in my artworks. To get the right shapes of the plastic threads I have developed a method using hot air.

This artwork was ready on March 15th 2022, but in February 2023 I have made different puppets.



Dati dell'opera

AltroDimensioni dell'opera - L 40 | A 40 | P 5
Creato il 10 febbraio 2023

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