Nato a Romania il 27 dicembre 1972.

    Attualmente residente a Romania.

    Attività: Pittura; Fotografia; Video; Installazione;


    Daniel Cristian Chiriac is a fine art painter.
    He was born and grew up in Romania

    After a long period of abstractionism (before 2006) he rediscovered the beautiful paintings of the old masters being more and more interested of the old masters techniques so that he slowly abandoned the abstract art style and turned up to the surrealism, fantastic realism and classical realism art style.
    Chiriac became over the time a highly collected fine art painter. well known for his beautiful  paintings made in the style of surrealism and classical realism.
    His art paintings can be found all over the world in private collections
    Postage Stamp Design Contest : Honorable Mention - JAPAN 2003
    ArtJudge- Oil painings contest :First prize - U.K 2011

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