He sees me

Giulia Di Crescenzo - Italy

" Two people look at each other for a split-second and in there they tell each other everything that the world ignores about them."

"How do we recognize eah other as strangers every time without words involved, just for a correspondence of gazes? There is some insane magic behind this whirling and relentless finding ourselves back on the other side of the reflection, without knowing why, how and when we ended up inside it.Or maybe the indescribable truth is that we are all damaged goods and thus, it's not the Fate to establish our match, but the statistics.  "

"What's wrong with me that makes me looking for the same ruins, I struggle to get free of, in yourself?"

"I feel like if the world goes around me but I am not there."

"Whatever I feel is just poetry in my head. It doesn't actually exist. It's just a canvas I smudged with my dreams."




絵画 - 混合技術/ミックステクニック
芸術作品のサイズ - 幅 84 | 高さ 29,5 | 深さ 0,1
作成日 3 九月 2021