Klaus Rune - Denmark

About the artist :

Klaus Rune is an international art painter living in France and born in Denmark. His art is a minimalist approach to space, time, and human beings. He always works with cercles. Klaus Rune aims showing us that sometimes it's possible to represent the inherent intricacy and complexity of an idea with very few elements. His artwork is produced in a both trendsetting and original way. In this art collection, the artist chooses to free himself from the brush and to place himself as an art conductor. He calls the human body to apply the paint with circular movements on the canvas. His unique artwork undeniably shapes, Klaus Rune, as one of the most innovative artists. Website : www.rune-art.com

Presentation of the painting Femininity : There is power in being. There is power in silence. These are two feminine qualities that we may not think of as powerful initially, but as we explore them, the strength becomes apparent. Feminine power is focused on feelings and emotions.




絵画 - アクリル
芸術作品のサイズ - 幅 100 | 高さ 100 | 深さ 4
作成日 29 五月 2021