• After studying Engineering and Business Administration he is dedicated to the design as a freelance designer and as an analyst of the objects language, collaborating with other designers, artists and people of marketing and communication. His several areas of intervention include graphic concept, interior design, art direction and branding.

  • Margherita is an art historian based between Poland and Italy. Graduated at Warsaw University in 2006, since 2010 she is associated curator in international art organizations. She has organized many exhibitions across Europe and arranged a number of workshops, conferences and fairs. Margherita has worked on the influence of classical aesthetics in contemporary art and on the classic art tradition in modern-day culture as well. She’s also editor and contributor of various websites focused on contemporary art, continuing to dedicate her skills in order to present the creativity of others.

  • Claudio is the founder of Imagoars cultural association that was born in 2009 thanks to a group of artists and art enthusiasts promoting events into the sphere of Art with the purpose of showing and promoting high-quality artistic expressions, from painting to sculpture, from installations to performances. Its activity is aimed at enlarging the knowledge of Art and spreading it through its different languages. Art is not seen as the pure reproduction of the physical world nor as the devastation of our shared satisfying aesthetic equilibrium. Instead, by proposing a new approach towards it, Imagoars conceives it as a contribution for the growth of human sensitivity in order to create a better quality of life inside a shared common ground, namely a “common-city”, more opened and tolerating towards diversity.