Female, 現在 に住んでいます。 PARIS (France)

     に生まれました PARIS (France) で 9 四月 1961.

    現在 に住んでいます。 PARIS (France).

    アクティビティ: 写真;


    Born in 1961, French-American, Valerie Leonard has always been surrounded by a world of images. Her mother was a painter, and her father, photographer, Herman Leonard.

    When she presses the shutter, she remembers the doctrine of her father: "Always tell the Truth, but in terms of Beauty". Valerie Leonard strives for her work to embody to this search for truth and beauty of human beings, whatever their origin or wealth.
    Far from seeking aesthetic or false compassion, she wants to show the dignity of these women and men, in particularly hostile environments.

    Throughout her trips around the world she focused her work particularly on a theme that she named “Labours of Hercules”.

     A series of photographs where she attempts to show with utmost respect and admiration the nobility and courage of those living in difficult conditions. 






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