Survival in a hostile and very remotely ragged edge on top of the world

JOHNNY RAY - United States of America

In climbing the Andes Mountains in Chile and high above the tree lines, there is one variety of flowers that lives on the rugged desolate landscape, defying all odds, while giving hope for all living things on the planet. With large wildfires in Chile at the time of the trip there was a lot of smoke that prevented many photo opportunities, but with special creative use of lightroom, photoshop, and artificial intelligence was able to reclaim the full range of tones and shades to highlight the menacing cloud from the happy ones, the colorful flowers form the desolate black and grey, and thus making this photo so special, but perhaps only a photographer would know how difficult this can be, but everyone can enjoy the image and understand the meaning of life around the world and the struggles that we all face.


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Utworzony 24 luty 2023

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