Patrick Joosten
Mężczyzna, mieszka w Gournay sur Marne (France)

» Abstract Art

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Malarstwo - Akryl
Wymiary pracy - S 100 | W 170 | G 3
Utworzony 20 styczeń 2020

Colors Symphony

Colors Symphony
To make this important canvas I used a very wide palette of colors, Yellow, Yellow Ocher, Golden Yellow, Prussian Blue, Sky Blue, Overseas Blue, Red, Primary Red, Purple, White, Bottle Green, Green clear … and create an arragement like a symphony of colors and harmony.
Original artwork signed P. Joosten.
Acrylic on canvas, dimensions 170 x 100 x 3 cm. Delivered with a black wooden frame.
Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity
2021 – January 20nd

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