Roger Mari
Mężczyzna, mieszka w Miami (United States of America)

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Malarstwo - Technika Mieszana
Wymiary pracy - S 94 | W 120 | G 4
Utworzony 25 luty 2020

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Metamorphosis of the World

Metamorphosis of the World 36*47-inch mix media painting. Graphite, Black, white and vine charcoal, oil pastels, and oil painting.

I create a piece that reflects on the undergoing transformations driven by human behavior; pushing the planet to a metamorphosis that will make it difficult for most of humanity to tolerate, making us the next species in extinction.

You will see flanking the subject on the left a nuclear plant and on the right a coal plant. In the top right, in red, acid rain falls. The wind blows left in the direction that world politics is leading. Behind the plants I describe in white the radiation, with raising water levels surround the subject. The most impacting subject of this painting is the metamorphosis of the half man half animal, with a malformation crown of the antlers tipped with 13 points.

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