20 lipiec 2020


Po countryside, it’s night.
Darkness envelops everything.
Lonely street lights emerge at road junctions and leave a patch of light on the asphalt, like a projector that illuminates the scene of a stage where, in the darkness of the theater, the illuminated scene seems to float, without connection with the surroundings.
Po countryside, it’s night.
A few passing cars illuminate a scene that changes continuously.
Everything around is dark, the headlights point from time to time different subjects.
As if roads, tree trunks, abandoned farmhouses turn on and then turn off.
We lose sight of the whole and focus each time on a different scene, in motion, where however, putting together the succession of scenes and moments, we find a strongly characterized landscape, the Po countryside, in the night.
Po countryside, it’s night. Traveling by car, in this great silent and dark expanse, the mind is lost, we are alone with ourselves.
Here the absence of light pollution allows to experience the feeling of being wrapped in the dark, simultaneously perceiving the size of the space and its being flat
It’s a highly introspective night landscape, made of silences, large spaces and contrasts between intense darkness and areas illuminated by some street lamps along the streets and the headlights of a passer-by's car.
by Laura Zamboni

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