Eva Hildebrand


Родился в: Pécs (Hungary) на 16 июнь 1987.

В настоящее время живет в: Győr (Hungary).


Once there was a little girl with only a few strands of hair sitting in a little garden in New Delhi and painting and painting and painting… And then she got back to her home, Hungary, and lived an ordinary life until something extraordinary happened which led her to Bratislava…

I moved to Bratislava with my husband and our little dog in the spring of 2018, not knowing that I was going to find my long lost inspiration there. On a beautiful day of the fall I found a little bee in our garden that was about to die, I had to paint it.

 One thing led to another and I found myself painting on canvases. I had all these dreams and visions coming to me that sometimes just appeared clearly in my mind, but there were other complex feelings and thoughts that I had to visualize. Painting gives me the possibility to make my thoughts be seen, so that they don’t get trapped and distorted within the boundaries of language or words that can so often be misunderstood. I hope my paintings reflect my messages, or at least they keep you wondering…


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