Nadra Jacob


Родился в: Santiago de Chile (Chile) на 25 февраль 1970.

В настоящее время живет в: Santiago (Chile).



Visual artist, Santiago of Chile, 1970. Diplomated in art studies with a General Mention from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

When she was little she had the opportunity to live with the beauty of things and she was able to dialogue with the taste for aesthetics, designs and color, in the family textile company.

For 23 years she has been formally dedicated to art. She specialized in painting through different media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, Chinese ink, pastel, among others; and textile art.

Since 2006 she has participated in various group exhibitions, workshops, fairs and international calls in countries such as the United States, Hong Kong, Dubai, Argentina, Germany and the United Kingdom.


STUDIES (relevant):

+ 2022 Course at the New York Institute of Textile Art "Painting with a thread".

+ 2021 Production and analysis of work by Raimundo Edwards and Rodrigo Zamora at Taller Dardo, Santiago, Chile.

+ 2020 Production and analysis of work by Raimundo Edwards and Rodrigo Zamora at Taller Dardo, Santiago, Chile.

+ 2020 Art Marketing Course at Sotheby's Institute by Francesca Bellini Joseph.

+ 2006 Diploma in Art Studies. General Mention at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

+ 2007 Advanced human figure drawing course II. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.



+ Collective exhibition, at Kastanien Projektraum Gallery, Berlin. Germany. 2022

+ Collective exhibition “ Metaverse Masters”, at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York. 2022

+ Annual collective exhibition of Taller Dardo: “Casi sin querer”, Santiago, Chile. 2022

+ London Art Biennale, UK. 2021

+ Collective International Exhibition “Women´s works” at The Northwest Art Council, Illinois, USA. 2021

+ Chilean Contemporary Art Fair CHILARTE, collective Exhibition, 2021.

+ Collective International Exhibition, “Arte vivo”, At Hispanic Culture Institute. Houston, USA. 2021

+ Annual collective exhibition of Taller Dardo: “Te estoy esperando al otro lado”. Santiago, Chile 2021.

+ Chilean contemporary Art Fair ART STGO, Santiago. Chile. 2020

+ Collective International Exhibition at the Hernán Gamboa Gallery in Coral Gables, Miami. 2020

+ Virtual collective exhibition “A Help” IAVA, 2020

 + Collective International exhibition at The Glades Cultural Center in Woodlands, Texas. 2020

 + Collective International exhibition at the J.J Medina Woodland Event Center, Texas. 2020

 + Collective International exhibition organized by the Museum of the Americas (of Doral, Florida) at Alliance Francaise, Dubai, 2020

  + Collective exhibition at Matthei Gallery, Santiago-Chile, 2008

  + Collective International exhibition at Agora Gallery New York, 2007

  + Collective International exhibition at Space 10 Art Buenos Aires, 2006

   + Collective exhibition at the Extension Centre of the  University Catholic of Chile, 2006



+ Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, 2021

+ Affordable Art Fair NYC, 2021

+ Art Expo NYC, 2021

+ Red Dot Miami, 2021

+ Art Expo NYC, 2022

+ London Battersea, 2022




+ Al- Tiba9 Magazine, artist Dialogue, 2021

+ Observica Magazine: https://www.observica.com/p/se2020.html , 2021

+ Expo Metro Berlin. Germany. https://expometro.co/es/exhibition/2020-berlin. 2020

+ Circle Foundation for the Arts © CFA Press: https://click.convertkit-mail.com/mvuwgm3zrvh5h25575im/58hvh7h9e6x94zb6/aHR0cHM6Ly9pc3N1dS5jb20vY2lyY2xlZm91vbmRhdglvcn=  2020

+ TV 2 Il Televisionario: https://www.iltelevisionario2.net/l/art-exhibition-by-the-museum-of-americas-alliance-francaise-dubai/  2020

+ Art Festival at the Hidden Castle. Together with the Ar7seven artist collective in Houston, USA: https://www.facebook.com/175744406563574/photos/a.177672289704119/866652780806063/ 2020



+ 2020 Part of the Gold Book of the Museum of the Americas, Doral. Florida.

+ 2007 SEETAL Finalist. Kunst Forum International. Germany.



2022 (February  - April). NEW YORK. Residency Unlimited.


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