Ruby Donovan

    Женщина, В настоящее время живет в Adelaide (Australia)

    Родился в Adelaide (Australia) на 28 март 1971.

    В настоящее время живет в Adelaide (Australia).

    Деятельность: смес медия;


    Ruby Donovan was born in South Australia in 1971 to migrant parents and raised in Adelaide. She has a passion for the South Australian landscape and all that naturally occurs within it - be it from the rugged coastline flanked by the Great Southern Ocean to the Arid Lands of the Flinders Ranges. Her artwork reflects the continuous evolution of nature; she draws inspiration from the naturally occurring colours and textures found in our local environment; from the Blues, Yellows and Reds of the Shells, to the Whites Greys and Browns of the leaves. Ruby has an innate propensity for circular and curved shapes; as they evoke a feeling of gentleness, quietness and calmness in which she incorporates into her designs. Ruby endeavour's to share the beauty of all that she feels and sees in the South Australian landscapes with others.





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