Женщина, проживающих в PARIS (France)


Подробная информация о произведении искусства

Фотография - Цифровая
Размер произведения - Высота 80 | Глубина 53
Создано 14 май 2016


Babli, 22, 8 months pregnant. She already has 2 children.

She works in the coal mines of Jharia.

Many people are jobless and can not cultivate their fields because groundwater aquifers are polluted by agents deriving from coal combustion.

The exploitation of Jharia's underground started way back in 1896. The coal mines were nationalised in 1971, and a majority of the mines in the region are now owned by the state.

Feeding the nation’s insatiable appetite, the search for minerals has taken its tall on the state. Rampant mining for decades has turned large tracts of forests into wastelands.

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