In this work I wanted to artistically highlight our mother nature and particularly the internal movements of our planet Earth.

The tectonic plates move over the centuries, the divergent plates separate and move away gradually leaving an empty space which is very often filled with Magma. Other plates overlap, others collide and intermingle to create new reliefs.

Original artwork signed P. Joosten at the back.
Acrylic on canvas, dimensions 95 x 95 x 3 cm. Delivered with a Black wooden frame.
Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity

2021 – May 05th.

Patrick Joosten

Patrick Joosten

Колекция произведения:

» Abstract Art

Подробная информация о произведении искусства

Живопись - Акриловые
Размер произведения - Ширина 95 | Высота 95 | Глубина 3
Создано 5 май 2021

Цена работы

1900 €

Текущее право собственности на произведение искусства

Patrick Joosten


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