Sapir Bronzberg Levi

Digital Exhibition at the Vitrina Gallery at HIT



What is required from an artist in order to be displayed at a museum or a gallery? Where is the fine line between art that enters museums and that which does not?

Who determines what Art is? What kind of art deserves to be displayed in a museum?

If we let everyone who defines himself as an artist, to put up an exhibition in a museum or a gallery, will that cause the value of the institution to decrease?  Will it cause the value of the artworks to drop?

The Instagram culture of the current era is reshaping the visibility of museums and challenging the concept of art.


An innovative exhibition by the artist Sapir Bronzberg Levi, explores the art world that is displayed in museums and galleries and asks questions such as-Is the artist's name the major ticket in orderbe displayed in a museum, or are his artworks the reason which determine whether someone deserves to be exhibited in a museum or a gallery?

Sapir's exhibition allows visitors to become "artists" while their photographs become the "artworks" hanging on the gallery's walls.

Artwork Details

Installation - Other

Created in 2021

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