Sum Chi Ng
男性, 居住 QUARRY BAY (Hong Kong)

» Endless Isolation


Endless Isolation

Nature seems to be unseparated with his work, as he believes that it is the beginning and end of all life forms. By exploring and experimenting different materials with his art, Ng is trying to recreate and interpret the connection between nature and him. He traces the gracefulness of nature and transform into his brushstrokes, awakening the soul from our overdeveloped city. Now he works and lives in Hong Kong as a full-time artist.

「自然」恍惚一直跟他的作品有著密不可分的關係,作者相信那是一切生命的起源跟終結,他透過運用不同物料的狀態與文化,呈現每種物料靈魂的存在,從而表達現代社會與自然之間的關係。 作者捕捉自然的種種微妙,表現在畫布上,為我們過度發展的城市喘一口氣,也讓觀眾找回自身與自然的聯繫。