Szilárd Szilárd

    男性, 現時生活在 Debrecen (Hungary)

    出生 Debrecen (Hungary) 在 15, 1977.

    現時生活在 Debrecen (Hungary).

    活動: 畫; 雕塑; 混合媒體; 其他;


    My name is Szilárd Barta, I was born in 1977 and I'm a self-taught painter.The intention is to have as little space as possible, with minimal and physical tension, to create the space for encounters and the unlimited flow of thoughts. Material and object art is a visual system in which the passion of scattering extends honestly and vividly to the barriers of the two-dimensional plane and communicates with what is around it. The combination of surfaces deformed by the materials or the supports achieves the connection between the voltage and the space. The paintings define and guide perceptions and perceptions in the symbiosis of emotions, painting and sculpture.  Reflections, impulsive gestures, formal balance, the three primary colors - red, blue and yellow - decisive and overwhelming shapes and surfaces, merge, prepare to create the directness and the drama of the event and create life. They are like evolution, focusing on elementary elements without conscious consciousness whose self-organization, complex living systems, on the surface or in the contemplative, leaving the development of thoughts consciously or instinctively infinite.

    The world around us, which is part of our everyday life, we do not notice, because we are so accustomed to its presence that it does not appear. Yet it is an integral part of our world, and when we get into symbiosis, fantastic dimensions open up. The extruded canvas surface, which is human, defined and artificial, and the crust of different trees, which together create the natural dimension of fractals, can be redefined by the way we connect our can be defined.


    My art with the common use of industrial materials and natural materials, I want to show the importance of symbiosis in the most elementary form of expression to highlight the importance of the relationship and takes me to the universes that were created by Lucio Fontana and Enrico Castellani or Alberto Burri. And the elements that make up my creation are the natural fractals and the artificial pads I put in place, so that the stretched canvas preserves its natural integrity while the surfaces under the maximum tension and created by them create a connection to their immediate environment by the light they are exposed to.

    My works, the points of attachment where the effects of man and nature appear in a clearer form, are cut into the personal space and put a new light on the flow of everyday intuitions. I hope that I will advance the symbiosis with our environment in this contemplative.

    The materials used are in my environment.The material of the frame usedroof rail, worked and skive. The wood bark, wood grain skive and Purification.

    Thus, the materials in my environment and found are directly involved in the creation of my creations and the surface influences the direct environment of creation.






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